Force Majeure

Force Majeure reflects the omens and 'what-if's that underlays modern life and humorously illustrates what can best be described as a derailed train-of-thoughts. The works introduces the darker side of nature, the parts where unforeseen events rule and anything can happen, particularly the unexpected. A series of bizarre tableaux where the hunter becomes the hunted and luck can prove fatal for the lucky ones.

All materials have been sourced from historybooks of the 40'ties and 50'ties and glossy magazines of the 60'ties and 70'ties and strictly kept in black/white/gray tones to impose the notion of a dream-sequence, like in the movies, or small fragments of something unreal or simply to insist on a timelessness that states: The present is the past, just re-arranged – the dreams remains the same.


Iben Toft Nørgård 018.jpg

Force Majeure, 40 x 50 cm, framed, 2013.